Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A mommy cover for MaryAnne. MaryAnne did a great job of picking this fabric out!

привет or Hello to all you other folk

Ed tried this cute hat out, it wasn't until he was wearing it that I realized it looked like one of those Russian hats, or if it were taller, one of the Queen of England's guards. Oh well, it will keep someone's head warm.

Christmas in JUNE?!

This is a fun Santa picture that I saw and so I thought I would put it onto something fun.
I think I will try a clear plate next time, it may turn out better.

My dabbeling in crafts again

A cute car seat cover to help keep the sun off of little William.
Jenilyn (William's mommy) did a great job of picking out the fabric and accessories!
The light blue side is on the outside with the chocolate on the inside.

Stork Landing's fun pinatas

These crazy looking storks were a highlight for the kiddies that came into Stork Landing for our 7 th birthday in January. Surprisingly they were easier to make than try and hang up.

MaryAnne's sling.... or rather Conner's sling that MaryAnne will wear. : ) I think that MaryAnne did a fabulous job in picking out the fabric!

This is Mo's door sign : )