Monday, July 21, 2008

Wow, I was just reading everyone elses' posts and it my sad duty to inform you that you have more exciting things going on in your lives than I do.
Currently I am waiting for the washer to get done so I can switch out my load........ BORING!!!!
I did have the adventure of hauling all my clothes upstairs to be able to wash them since currently my washer and dryer are being held captive in the pantry (not hooked up). We hope that status will change quickly (the not being hooked up part) I am fine with them in the pantry.
Anyway such is life..
I did recently, ok when I say recently I mean a couple months, get my hairs cut. It is a bit shorter than Brooke's hairs cut but just as cute. Brooke wants to try curlers in it I have a feeling I will have an afro if that happens. If I had a picture I would add it, but I don't. I will work on it.
I was going to go outside and mow the lawn, but it looks like rain and clean clothes took priority.
I am excited that my wonderful roommate will finally be coming home on Tuesday!!!!!! She has been visiting her family in Colorado.
Not much, but it is something to read at least. : ) If it is boring, I am sorry.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I know! It's about time!

I know, it's about time! I just don't get the whole blogger thing just yet, haven't spent enough time getting it all figured out. I would rather just go on dates than try and figure it out!
Any way, I am hanging out, saving my pennies, getting ready to go back to school.
I don't have a lot to say about what has been going on, but I love reading about what you all have been up to. You all keep busy and it is all interesting. I keep busy, but not a lot of interesting things to talk about.